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Individual Owner Operators and Fleets of every size

TireAngel brings the best technologies and capabilities to our customers so that that they can manage their tires efficiently, effectively and improves the safe operation.


Mining tires are expensive, and their health is critical to the smooth operation of the facility. 

The TireAngel TPMS system is designed to maintain the health of all your tire assets.

The system is both a preventative measure and one that alerts all of the proper people in the organization when there is an situation that warrants immediate attention.  

This allows for steps to be taken that can have a large impact on the operation and productivity of the vehicle and the organization.


Rubber Tire Gantries (RTGs), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and traditional Yard Trucks run on rubber air-filled tires and are critical to the effective and efficient operations of ports as loading and unloading operations need to be managed without problems and delays.  

TireAngel TPMS allows the port operator to manage their tires so that they can prevent low pressure situations that wear tires quickly, lead to a tire loss or even an expensive rim cracking.  


Air is free but tires are not.  

TireAngel TPMS tire management allows for an effective tire maintenance program to be designed to monitor and air tires regularly therefore keeping low tire pressure conditions under control.  

Safety an efficiency are king. Get the most from your tires by adopting the TireAngel TPMS tire management system and improve fuel efficiency, reduce costs and increase the safety of operations. 

The Advantages of TireAngel™'s TPMS System


Lower fuel costs, increased tire life and reduction in a vehicle’s downtime.


Protect the tires to improve a vehicle’s safety.  Reduce the chances of a catastrophic blowout or unsafe conditions associated with routine flat tires.


Proper Tire management and a maintenance system designed around TireAngel TPMS, leads to better fleet efficiency.


TireAngel™ allows the fleet to perform consistently well, reducing the problems associated with tires and frees up staff/management’s time to focus on other tasks. 

TireAngel™ - Live Saving TPMS

TireAngel™ FAQs

TireAngel is a technology company that partners with tire experts.  TireAngel designs, codes an manufactures all the electronics, software, applications and servers used.  

So, with TireAngel, if you need customization or integration, lets talk, we can deliver this.

TireAngel historical data is kept on a cloud server. We offer a subscription service so that large and small fleets can keep track of their tire assets. For individual owner operators, a smaller data set is available.

You have tires.

You have people.

You put tires on – and in the beginning everything is great and the tire pressure is great.

Over time tires lose air – due to driving habits, road conditions, the brand of tire, tire maintenance, tire technicians service or lack of and tires just lose air naturally over time.  But you do not know how much and which ones because tires don’t all act uniformly all of the time.

Then everyone has tire problems.

What you need to know is which tire on what vehicle needs air and how much.

That is the information you need, and you need to get this in the hands of people who will do the work.

TireAngel delivers this information to you and the people that need it.

TireAngel is a preventative maintenance system that integrates into your workflow.  Save time, save fuel, save tire life.  Save lots of money.  Become more efficient and effective as a business.

Users only need to download the TireAngel app on their mobile phone. The processes are in multiple languages and is designed to be very user friendly. Mobile applications are always easier to use than traditional PC programs.

Everyone has tire problems. There is value in managing your tires so that these assets work for you. A properly inflated tire gets better fuel mileage, much longer tire life, more even wear so that one can retread and less chance of a catastrophic blow-out that can lead to an accident or the ruining of a rim. Managing your tires means that there is less chance to have a problem on the road and the knowledge gleaned from TireAngel allows for proactive maintenance.

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